For more than 20 years architectural precast concrete has been our main program

KLOCOK Poprad, s.r.o.

Company KLOCOK Poprad, s.r.o. has specialised in custom manufacturing of architectural precast concrete since its foundation in 1995. It's a small batch or piece manufacture production of unique concrete 3D elements to beautify the exterior and interior.

Our concrete products are used for following purposes:

  • street and garden furniture,
  • indoor furniture,
  • various slabs for outdoor and indoor use,
  • large size paving slabs of any shape for public outdoor areas and gardens,
  • stairways, platforms and steps for outdoor stairs,
  • exterior walls and blocks with the inscriptions, logos, or other features of corporate identity,
  • wall coping and parapets,
  • facade elements,
  • columns and balustrades,
  • pedestals for statues,
  • elements for fountains,
  • elements for cemeteries,
  • elements surrounding trees,
  • tactile paving slabs,
  • other architectural elements not mentioned above.